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Full Measure
Full Measure
3D printed plastic, acrylic paint, walnut wood, aluminum
12”w x 13”h x 11”d

In 2021 I was awarded a full sabbatical for the academic year. Through this period, I thought deeply about the value of time and labor and tried to materialize this in my work. In a shift from the speedy pace of going from cad drawing to 3D print, I began carving soft metals. The stack of donuts in Full Measure was carved, filed, and sanded, and involved no computer-aided machining. It was realized by blunt force. Juxtaposed with 3-D printed cloth and wood, Full Measure is a conversation about the body and scalar notions of time and labor. Nothing is sourced from endless scans of and available object or stereolithographic files for computer-aided machining and printing. With this work and others like it, I’m trying to fuse the action and the intensive labor with the overarching theme of what it takes from one to build a life worth living with others.