Solo & Two Person Exhibitions
2020 Klowden Mann, Jamison Carter, All Seasons Radials (featuring Collaborations with Adam Brent), Culver City, CA

2019 Slag Gallery, Preserver (featuring collaborations with Jamison Carter), Brooklyn, NY

2018 Slag Gallery, Hyper Prismatic Mesh (Project Room), Brooklyn, NY

2018 Thompson Giroux, Heroic Faces, Chatham, NY

2016 Slag Contemporary, No Rain, No Rainbows, Brooklyn NY

2016 Volta NY, Pier 92, Slag Gallery presents Adam Brent (Booth C3), New York, NY

2014 Auxiliary Projects, Good Hill Drift, Brooklyn, NY

2014 Joyce Goldstein, Each One’s a Victory, Chatham, NY

2013 Artspace New Haven, Thread, New Haven, CT

2011 Infusion Gallery, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Make Your Self at Home, Brooklyn, NY

2010 Humanities Gallery, Beyond The Kitchen, The Ceiling Soared, Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY

2008 Wave Hill, Sun Porch, The Ballad of Crook Horn Rd, Wave Hill, Bronx, NY

2007 The Korn Gallery, Adam Brent: Recent Sculpture, Drew University, NJ

2006 Gathering of Tribes Gallery, Replanting The Community Garden, Adam Brent and William Myers, New York, NY, (Michael Tong, Curator)

2004 Art Lot, Cooked Green, Brooklyn NY

Collaborative Projects
2015 Artscape, BroLab, Anchor Project, Misty Mountain Royals, Baltimore, MD

2015 30 Rock, BroLab, Home Improvement, Brooklyn, NY (Leslie Heller and Deborah Brown, Curators)

2014 Governors Island, BroLab, Spontaneous Interventions, New York, NY (Cathy Lang Ho, Curator)

2014 Nurture Art, BroLab, Multiplicity, New York, NY (Marco Antonini, Curator)

2014 Mattatuck Museum, BroLab, Solo Exhibition, Bevel and Rub, Waterbury, CT

2014 El Museo Del Barrio, BroLab, Museum Starter Kit, Open with Care, New York, NY (Rocío Aranda-Alvarado, Curator)
• Museum Starter Kit: Open with Care at El Museo del Barrio on the Upper East Side. The exhibition revisits themes resonant in the museum’s founding and re-imagines the galleries as an active space for conversations on art, community, and the role of a museum. BroLab presented a new configuration of Stack and Rack alongside benches and videos, premiering the edited video of Hybrid Dynamics from our January exhibition at Freight + Volume. Artist talks and related museum events will run over the course of the Museum Starter Kit.

2014 Collective Design Fair 2, BroLab, Interior Faire, Collective Conversation, New York, NY
• For the Collective Design Fair 2 and Collective Conversations, BroLab showcased a new series of modular furnishings that includes tables, stationary seating and bleachers. In keeping with BroLab’s signature low cost production methods and modular engineering, Interior Fair mixed CNC’d particle board with 3D printed PLA plastic in realizing these flat-packing creations. With its minimal design and clean lines at the forefront, viewers and participants were able to find BroLab’s pressure-fit ingenuity revealed in the details. Interior Fair served as a central area for conversation and all those interested in mixing ideas surrounding art and design.

2014 Freight + Volume, BroLab, Dead Lift, Solo Exhibition, New York, NY

2013 UNTITLED Art Fair, Special Projects, BroLab, Moses Transpo, Miami, FL (Omar Lopez- Chahoud, curator).

2013 Chicago Cultural Center, BroLab, S%pontaneous Interventions% Chicago, IL
• Opening May 24 and running through September 1 Spontaneous Interventions: Design Actions for the Common Good features 84 urban interventions initiated by architects, designers, planners, artists and everyday citizens that bring positive change to neighborhoods and cities.
Chicago is the first destination of the installation, which served as the U.S. representation at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale (2012). The Chicago installation will recreate the lively exhibition design of pull-down banners, created by Brooklyn design studio Freecell and Berkeley-based communication design firm M-A-D. The contents of the exhibition have been updated to include more recent and more local projects. Among the 84 projects that will be presented, more than a dozen are from Chicago, including several that also appeared in Venice.

2013 Korean Art Fair, BroLab, Seoul Korea (Heng-Gil Han, curator)

2013 Gallery Aferro, BroLab, Stack and Rack, Newark, NJ

2013 Center for Book Arts, BroLab, Brother Can You Spare a Stack, NY, NY

2012 Venice Architecture Biennale, BroLab, Spontaneous Interventions: Design Actions for the Common Good, August 2012- Venice, Italy, Pavilion at Giardini (USA)
13th International Architecture Exhibition Common Ground
29th August -25th November 2012
• BroLab will be participating in the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale. The Institute for Urban Design of New York City has been selected by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) to organize United States representation at the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale, to take place from August through November 2012. The Institute will present the exhibition Spontaneous Interventions: Design Actions for the Common Good, which documents projects initiated by American architects and designers aimed at bringing positive change to the public realm.

2012 Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, BroLab, The Making Of Humps and Bumps, Queens, NY

2012 NYC Department of Transportation’s Urban Art Program Presents, BroLab, Summer Streets, New York, NY (commission)

2012 Mott Haven Public Library, Brolab, Piazza Gratissima, Bronx, NY
• BroLab revitalized a small under-utilized space in front of the Mott Haven Public Library in the Bronx seemed ripe for improvement. They sought permission from the library and city officials to develop a design intervention and met with locals to hear what the neighborhood needed. Armed with $5,180 raised on Kickstarter, the artists created Piazza Gratissima, a multipurpose “free plaza” that amplifies the library’s position as a public common. Like their previous collaborations, Piazza Gratissima reinforces their desire to connect art to the live activities of both making and engagement.

2012 Newark Open Doors, Newark Arts Council, Brolab, Stack & Rack, Newark, NJ

2012 Bogart Salon, BroLab, Adrift, Brooklyn, NY

2011 Flux Factory, BroLab, Congress of the Collectives, Queens, NY

2011 Bushwick SITE Fest, BroLab, Habeas Corpus, Brooklyn, NY (Jeanne Brasile, curator)

2011 3rd Ward Bushwick SITE Fest, BroLab, Hub Show, Brooklyn, NY

2011 Urban Festival, BroLab, Grid Scenes, NY, NY

2011 New Museum, Festival of Ideas for a New City, New York, NY

2010 Art in Odd Places, Pump 14, NY, NY

Selected Group Exhibitions
2019 Walsh Gallery at Seton Hall University, New World Water, South Orange, New Jersey (Samantha Becker, Curator)

2019 Deering Estate, Tension in Three Dimensions, Miami, FL, (Ryan Roa, Curator)

2017 Wave Hill, Call and Response, Bronx, NY

2016 DNA Gallery, DNA Residency Exhibition, Provincetown, MA

2016 Thompson Giroux, Blue Sky, Chatham, NY

2016 Kansas City Art Institute, #F*nked! In conjunction with the 50th Anniversary NCECA conference, Kansas City, MO, (Susie Silbert and Anna Walker, Curators)

2016 Wave Hill Public Garden and Cultural Center, Glyndor Gallery, Memento Mori, Bronx, NY

2016 Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning in Partnership with NYCDOT, Jamaica Flux, Workspaces and Windows, Queens, NY

2015 Art Market Hamptons, Special Projects Commission, Habitats, Bridge Hampton, NY, (Chantel Foretich Curator),

2015 Thompson Giroux, Fusionera, Chatham, NY
2015 Edward Hopper House, Behind Doors and Through Windows: Reflections on Contemporary Domestic Life, Nyack, NY

2015 Mattatuck Museum, Favorites from the Museum Collection, Waterbury, CT

2015 Thompson Giroux, En Masse, Chatham, NY

2014 DNA Gallery, DNA Residency Exhibition, Provincetown, MA

2014 Jamaica Center For Arts and Learning, HQ For Planning, Queens, NY

2014 Thompson Giroux, Friend of a Friend, Chatham, NY

2013 Gallery Bergen, The Imperative of Teaching, Bergen Community College, NJ (Alieen Wilson and Tara Kopp, Curators)

2012 Skylight Gallery, Amplify Action: Sustainability through the Arts, Brooklyn, NY

2012 Big and Small Casual, Small Sculpture, LIC, NY, (Kate Teale, Curator)

2011 Rush Arts Gallery, Curate NYC, Chelsea, NY

2011 Pingry School, Scapes, Martinsville, NJ

2011 BRIC Rotunda Gallery, Neo Nomads: What Travels With You, Brooklyn, NY, (Baseera Khan, Aileen Wilson and Anne Laure Fayard, Curators [w/catalog])

2010 Carriage House, Islip Art Museum, Projects ’10, Islip, NY (W/catalog)

2009 Flux Factory, House Broken, Inaugural Exhibition Queens, NY (W/catalog)

2009 Bronx Museum of the Arts, Living and Dreaming: Aim 29, Bronx, NY (Micaela Giovannotti, Curator [w/ catalog])

2009. Aldrich Museum, Art Daze, Ridgefield, CT

2009 Apexart, I can’t get no satisfaction: Contemporary Views on The Everyday, NY, NY (w/catalog)

2008 Hungarian Cultural Center, Flux Factory Auction, Soho, NY

2007 Flux Factory, New York, New York, New York, Queens, NY, (Melanie Cohn, Curator)

2007 Shore Institute of Contemporary Art, Noah’s Ark, Long Branch, NJ

2007 Emergency Arts Gallery, Adam Brent, Kathryn Linch and Melissa Marks, Chelsea, NY

2007 English Kills Art Gallery, Wood, Bushwick, NY

2006 Aljira Center for Contemporary Art, Emerge 7, Newark, NJ

2006. Margaret Thatcher Projects, Certain People I know, NY, NY, (Tommy Everett, Curator)

2005 Branchville Gallery, Equally Vulnerable, Ridgefield, CT, (Jessica Hough, Curator)

2005 Branchville Gallery, NORM(L),Ridgefield, CT

2004 Artist Space, Strangely Familiar, New York, NY, (Titia Hulst, Curator)

2004 Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami Connections II, The Yard @ Casa Lin, Miami, FL

2004 Tastes Like Chicken Art Space, Art of the Neighborhood, Brooklyn, NY

2004 Visciglia Gallery, Borderlands, Caldwell, NJ

2016 Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, Jamaica Center BID, Adam Brent, Through Peaks and Valleys, Queens, NY (w/ catalogue)
• Jamaica Flux is a large-scale exhibition of research-driven, site-specific art installed in everyday locations along Jamaica Avenue. The nineteen commissioned artists and groups include: hannes bend, Adam Brent, Aurora De Armendi, Ayana Evans, Nicholas Fraser, Samantha Holmes, Anna Lise Jensen, Sue Jeong Ka, Kakyoung Lee, Rejin Leys, Shervone Neckles, Jeffrey Allen Price, Dominique Sindayiganza, Stan Squirewell, Thiago Szmrecsanyi, Ed Woodham, and three artist collectives; Ellie Irons and Dan Phiffer, John H. Locke and Joaquin Reyes, and Lily & Honglei.

2015 Artscape (Anchor Project), BroLab, Misty Mountain Royals, Baltimore, MD
• BroLab was commissioned to create a temporary public installation as part of Artscape 2015 in Balitmore, MD. Placed within a 150-foot span of Mount Royal Avenue median Misty Mountain Royals consisted of several large-scale forms customized to the terrain of Mount Royal’s landscape. Each form was built using a triangular system of aluminum poles, key clamps, and brightly colored vinyl mesh accompanied by adjacent plumes of high-pressure mist. The general public was encouraged to interact with the mist and sit atop the concrete slabs upon which the larger forms are anchored. A dramatic array of color, form, and movement, Misty Mountain Royals remixes the notion of the everyday crossing as both a place of destination and passage - a social nexus to cool off audiences in the midst of summertime.

2013 Bronx Museum, Quarter Horse, (BronxLab Lobby Design and Installation) Bronx, NY
• Conceived as a test site for contemporary culture, BRONX LAB encourages active participation and dialogue about topics of importance to the Bronx community. A collaborative effort of curators and educators, BRONX LAB is structured to promote digital learning and the dissemination of new media work. For its inaugural installation BRONX LAB commissioned a site-specific environment by the artist collective BroLab. A hybrid of design and sculptural work, Quarter Horse features a set of modular tables and media stations that can be arranged in multiple configurations. Each unit is a combination of minimal sculptural forms, all edged with a range of bright surface colors. Developed to complement a variety of BRONX LAB events and programming, Quarter Horse is a platform for cultural education and social engagement. The BRONX LAB interactive hub is made possible by a generous grant from Deutsche Bank.

2012 NYC Department of Transportation’s Urban Art Program Presents, Summer Streets, BroLab, New York, NY

2011 NYC Department of Transportation’s Urban Art Program, Sponsored by Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning, BroLab, Humps and Bumps, Queens NY

Lectures and Presentations
2014 Jamaica Center For Arts and Learning, Adam Brent, Queens, NY
2014 Freight + Volume, Hybrid Dynamics, Panel Discussion, New York, NY
• Discussion panel featuring Tim Rollins as moderator, with members of KOS, William Powhida, and BroLab (Ryan Roa and Adam Brent). Organized for BroLab's solo exhibition, Dead Lift, this conversation is part of the ongoing panel discussions associated with the malleable installation, Moses Transpo, which first premiered at Untitled, Miami Beach in 2013. This panel will focus on themes surrounding models of sustainable collaboration, the art of community engagement and the dynamic design found in socially engaged art.
2014 Social Adjacencies, Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury, CT
• This panel discussion examines the present mix of art as social practice and the commercial art world. Peering into what is quickly becoming a staple of visible artists and art collectives, this discussion will sift through the varying hierarchies of work by artists that have demonstrated a commitment to communities, identity, and urban renewal in their work. Social Adjacencies will look into all the factors behind the clear embrace and promotion of socially engaged work by the gallery, institution and museum.
• Moderator:
Ed Woodham
Jeanne Brasile, Adam Brent, Melanie Crean, Alicia Grullon, Tora Lopez

2014 Auxiliary Projects, Adam Brent, Artist Talk, Brooklyn, NY
2014 Brooklyn Arts Council, Traci Talasco, Adam Brent, Kristen Nelsen, Brooklyn, NY
2014 El Museo del Barrio Source Material, New York, NY
2014 Zimmeri Museum, BroLab (Adam Brent and Ryan Roa) @ Slide Jam, Princeton, NJ
2014 Collective Design Fair 2, Collective Conversations, New York, NY
Dressing The Future: Fashion and 3D Printing
Moderator: Adam Brent, Partner, BroLab and Director, BFA in Integrated Design, Parsons The New School for Design; Participants, Gabi Asfour, designer, threeASFOUR; Bradley Rothenberg, designer, StudioBRAD
• The Collective Design Fair highlights the artistic, commercial, and educational aspects of contemporary and twentieth-century design. Some three dozen exhibitors will have booths at Skylight at Moynihan Station at the post office, along with special Collective Settings installations that bring together designers and gallerists, including Robert Couturier and Cristina Grajales, Jonathan Adler and Paul Donzella, David Mann and Maison Gerard, and Alan Wanzenberg and 1950. Murray Moss and Franklin Getchell have curated a solo show by Hella Jongerius, and there are also Collective Conversations that will be held Saturday and Sunday in an area designed by BroLab.

2013 Bronx Museum, 1040 Lounge Artist Spotlight with BroLab, Bronx, NY
2013 Untitled Art Fair, Integral Spaces hosted by BroLab, Miami FL
• Moderated by Terence Riley, Founding member of K/R, Formerly chief curator for architecture and design at MOMA, NY
This panel asked if artists and designers working in cities have the capacity to ask critical questions, create ruptures in the everyday, ignite resilient forms of activism, and enable innovative forms of civic and social participation.
2013 Untitled Art Fair, Curating Social Practices hosted by BroLab, Miami FL
• Moderated by José Carlos Diaz, Curator of Exhibitions, The Bass Museum of Art
This panel covered the overlap between art and organizing in the public realm. From DIY community projects by artists and collectives to institutionally supported public interventions, enterprises and partnerships, this panel will discuss the future of art and social practice.
2013 Untitled Art Fair, Art Futures hosted by BroLab, Miami FL
• Moderated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud, Artistic Director and Curator of UNTITLED Art Fair
This panel examined the currencies generated in the artworld and its many markets and systems. Participants will be asked to reflect on current and future trends in both content, aesthetics and strategy surrounding practices in contemporary art.
2013 Wesleyan University, New York Arts Program, Artist Talk, New York, NY
2013 Gallery Affero, BroLab Artist Panel, Newark, NJ
2011 Tactical Urbanism Salon, Organized by Do-Tank Flux Factory, BroLab Collective, Queens, NY
2011 Collaborative Presentation, Jamaica Center for the Arts, BroLab Collective, Jamaica, NY
2011 Conversation with Mary Miss and Adam Brent, Laboratory Lecture Series, Parsons The New School For Design
2010 Judicial Review w/ Bryan Zanisnik, Panelists Include: Steven Lam, Artist and Associate Dean at The Cooper Union, Adam Brent, Artist and Assistant Professor at Parsons School The New School For Design, Franklin Boyd, Lawyer, Jonathan Melber, Author & Lawyer, Winkleman Gallery, NY, NY
2008 Sun Room Artist Talk, Wave Hill, Bronx NY
2007 Visiting Artist and Lecturer, Maryland Institute, College of Art
2007 Visiting Artist and Lecturer: Senior Thesis, Drew University, Fine Arts Department
2006 Visiting Artist and Lecturer: Graduate Thesis Maryland Institute, College of Art
2006 Visiting Artist and Lecturer: Senior Thesis, Maryland Institute, College of Art
2006 Visiting Artist and Lecturer Drew University, Fine Arts Department

Honors & Residencies
2022 Soaring Gardens Artist Retreat, Laceyville, PA
2021 DNA Resident Artist, Provincetown, MA
2019 Deering Estate, Resident Artist, Miami, FL
2016 DNA Resident Artist, Provincetown, MA
2016 Faculty Research and Innovation in Education Funds from the Provost's Office for Food and Design
• Fabio Parasecoli, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Food Studies, SPE; co-applicant Adam Brent, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, Parsons; Rachel Knopf, Assistant Director, Student Health Services. In conjunction with the newly opened New School Food Pantry, Student Success, and
2016 TEDC, "Urban Food Security in Context: the Lived Experience of Hunger at The New School" creates a transformative educational experience grounded in the tenets of social justice that focuses on issues of food security at different levels.
2014 DNA Resident Artist, Provincetown, MA
2013 Grantee, Puffin Grant, BroLab Collective
2013 School Based Fund, Parsons The New School For Design
2012 Grantee, Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation, BroLab Collective
2012 Faculty Research and Innovation in Education Funds from the Provosts Office for Living Arts City along with New School colleagues Brian McGrath, Jaskiran Dhillon, Radhika Subramaniam, Victoria Marshall, and Jonathan Bach
2011 Grantee, Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs as administered from the Brooklyn Arts Council
2010 School Based Fund, Parsons The New School For Design
2009 Artist in the Market Place Grantee, Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx, NY
Wave Hill Sun Room Competition, Wave Hill, Bronx, NY
2008 Artists Space, Artists Space's Irving Sandler Artist File Web Space Artist
2007 Nominee, 2007 Visual Artist Grant Award, The Rema Hort Mann Foundation
2005 Immediate needs Grantee, New York Foundation For Contemporary Art
2005 Emerge 7 Fellowship, Aljira Center for Contemporary Art, Newark, NJ
2001 Nomination, Emerging Visual Artist, Joan Mitchell Foundation

Selected Collections
Nick Lawrenece, Freight and Volume, Eastham, MA
Jack Shear (Director of the Ellsworth Kelly Foundation), Private Collection, Chatham, NY
601 Artspace, Collection, NY, NY
Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury CT
Todd Oldam, Designer, NY, NY
Mary Lou Colahan, Islip Museum, Islip, NY
Flux Factory, Queens, NY
The Private Collection of Lin Lougheed, Miami, Florida & NY, NY
New School Collection, New York, NY
The Private Collection of Katherine Parker, Bridge Hampton, NY

2014 Parsons School of Design, New York Meet Phnom Penh. Phnom Penh Meet New York, Edited by Victoria Marshall, Essay, Mine The Net, by Adam Brent
2013 Freight + Volume / Volume Editions, Freight + Volume Magazine Issue 5 x Winter 2013-14
This Publication contains interviews conducted by BroLab (written by Adam Brent and Travis LeRoy Southworth) with Ant Farm (Chip Lord and Curtis Schreier), James Hyde, and Mary Mattingly, with an essay written by Alan Reid
2013 Seton Hall University, “BroLab, Some Work Until Now”, Seton Hall University Press
This publication features the socially conscious practice of the artist collective BroLab, from 2010-2012.
Essays by Heng-Gil Han, Jeanne Brasile and an interview with Sergio Bessa
Edited by Jonathan Goodman and Benjamin Evans

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